For Parents

Parent/Child communication is vital for a happy family relationship.

As a parent of an LGBT child – you may have some unanswered questions or would just like to know what other parents thoughts and feeling are. Look no further…

If your son or daughter comes out as either gay, lesbian or bisexual you may be surprised but sometimes parents tend to know already if their child is gay, lesbian or bisexual from certain characteristics – but they may not always be so clear.

Don’t be scared to ask them. Sometimes this may help speed up the coming out process.

Our Parents LGBT Hub Forum may have just what your looking for, or if your questions haven’t been asked yet – feel free to add it to the forum.

Be supportive

Engage with your child. Your lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) child requires and deserves the same level of care, respect, information, and support as non-LGBT children. Ask questions, listen, empathize, share and just be there for your child.

Get the facts about sexual orientation and gender identity. Learn new language and the correct terminology to communicate effectively about sexual orientation and gender identity. Challenge yourself to learn and to go beyond stereotyped images of LGBT people.

ASK your child before you “come out” to others on the child’s behalf.

Finally, our last tip would be to Educate yourself on local, state and national laws and polices regarding LGBT people. On the national level, LGBT people are still second-class citizens in regard to some national policies and their rights are not guaranteed by law. Consider educating yourself about this and finding out what you can do to work toward extending equal rights to LGBT people. A good place to start is the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

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